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United States power Soccer Association


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Client: United States Power Soccer Association

year: 2018

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As the communications and media chair for the organization, it was apparent that the USPSA needed a more modernized, unique and professional web presence in order to help grow the sport, one of the USPSA's main missions. The website is the organization's strongest tools when presenting themselves to those who have never heard about the sport before. The previous website, while providing tools for registration and league management, allowed for very little customization and did not provide easy access to update content.

Website Creation

The overall goal of this website was to better cater to those who have never heard about power soccer as well as those who are already involved with the organization. After gaining some key feedback from users about pain points and suggestions, the site was improved to include a fresh/custom look, clearer information, more photos and an overall better representation of the sport. 

Power soccer is an exhilarating, visual sport that is better seen than explained. For this reason, I wanted to make the website compelling through visual aids and illustrations. One of the sport's founding ideals is that it's not an 'everybody wins' sport. It's a fast-paced, competitive game that allows those with physical disabilities to take part in a sport atmosphere while also joining a community. These ideals were forefront during the design and development process to maintain the validity of the sport.

In order to keep content fresh and beef up the site's informational resources, I also created a blog. I sought out a few members who would be interested in writing about various topics relating to the power soccer community. The blog allows for more involvement of the organization's members, whether through becoming a writer or participating in communication the articles start.