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Torngat fish co-op


Web Design

Client: Torngat Fish Co-Op

created for: Yellow Pages Digital & Media Solutions Limited

year: 2016

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Torngat fish co-op

This responsive website was created for Yellow Pages Digital & Media Solutions using a 'squad model.' Working closely with an account manager and professional copywriter, we developed a course of action based on the customer's goals and desires for the site.

Website Creation

The main goal of this website was to reach more customers and have an online presence. They are the only company that sells fish in town, so we had a unique angle we could approach from. Known for their arctic char, the client wanted to place emphasis on this specialty and how to get it.

Customer Feedback

"I just had a look at the site and just wanted to say that I LOVE IT!!! Love the pictures and the color scheme. I find that it is very informative for each of the products and it is very easy to navigate through the various sections." 

Torngat Fish Co-Op