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2017 fIPFA world cup


Web Design + Marketing

Client: United States Power Soccer Association

year: 2015 - 2017

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2017 FIPFA World Cup

I had the distinct honor to create a number of creative marketing materials for a national organization, who was hosting an international event. The project required a number of different strategies to help promote the event, the national team and educate the public as to their mission.

Website Creation

The organization already had a great logo for the world cup event, which set the stage for a bright and colorful palette. From this, I designed an interactive website where participants, fans and sponsors could easily find information pertaining to the event. The website had two main objectives: 1) Be a well-designed, centralized location for all event information, including: lodging, arena details and schedules; 2) Generate financial support and highlight the sponsors attained.

Sponsorship Package Booklet

One of the main marketing pieces was the sponsorship package that was created in both print + digital formats to make it easily accessible around the world. This piece was instrumental in educating the donor about the organization, the sport and the opportunities available for support.  View a copy of the PDF version here.

Promotional Videos

Along with the sponsorship packet, the client desired to have a video promo to emphasize their message to sponsors with an exciting tone. With provided footage, I was able to produce a video that encapsulated the spirit of the game and the dynamic event that was to come. The world cup initiative video quickly became a piece that was shared around the world by thousands.